Sunday, April 3, 2011

White Out. Chili day.

Very Foggy this morning, not a bad thing just drive slow, most people do not think Florida gets fog, well I am sure some of it does not, but located here on the Pan handle under Alabama we do get it and thick. The temp is a cool 55 right now and foggy supposed to turn to sunny and 79.
Sounds like a good day to stay home and enjoy a couple movies, yea ok I would much rather be at the beach or the Intercoastal Water Way having a Pic nic, but this is day 2 of the "Stay Home and recuperate" week so...
Hmm this might be a good day to try out a new chili ,, I have several different hot peppers, even 3 ghost peppers my brother sent me, WARNING: use gloves AND eye protection when working with these, 4 times hotter than a habenyaro.
I neglected to tell my daughters I went to the E.R. monday and somehow,, they found out. guess I should not have posted here or FB. LOL I will let ya know how much trouble I am in after I call them this afternoon.
Take care all

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