Friday, April 8, 2011

Got side tracked.

Happen to you? Happened to me, anyway,, after a couple of days I finaly went to pay my bills. done and done, but I was surprised pleasantly so most of the bills were half of what i expected. There is a reason of course, Global Warming!! Well ok not that, but it sounded good, I have not used the heater or AC in a month and this is not normal in Florida, Well not so much usualy it is heat at night AC in the day, This time however the weather has not gone to extreems and I have not turned on the wallet killers. I hope this will last, I have plans for what little money i have, I am slowly ever so slowly trying to up-grade the house.

This coming week is already full, not one day off for me to beach, I suppose I will learn one day to say "NO" but for now I tend to volunteer for the AMVETS Post, I willl learn and soon I hope, my grand daughter needs me,
Take care all

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