Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Brother and Sis in Law are visiting

Now this may not sound bad, and it isn't, I love them to death, BUT,, there is one thing that makes me crazy. He being the jack of all trades can see thousands of things that need to be done and drags me kicking and screaming into working either on the house or a vehicle. Yea Yea i know, it takes a second set of eyes, and I love the way he sees things. So I will be busy for the next week learning new curse words as he puts me to work on MY house and MY vehicles. I realy like these visits,, wish I lived closer so I could do the same to him, we have fun together.

That will be all for a day or so, will update with projects as they arize.
Take care all and God Bless

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sorry, been away for a bit

Just got a call, the daughter needs to buy her books now, the money has not arrived and the college will not save her books, first come first serve, can't argue with that policy, it sucks but it is correct. So,, gonna have to dig into my "I can use this for food" funds and send her the HOLY CRAP,, $500 she will need, anyone wanting to send me some change please by all means.  I am on a fixed income,, many of us are, and all of us budget to get by, I wil,l have, and will again sacrifise for my daughters, we all do, I still have that American Dream of them having it better than i did, I just after the Obamby fiasco think I have set my sights considerably lower, I HOPE they have a life at least on par with mine and not worse.

Sorry for being gone so long, I am back now and promise to bore the crap out of the one possibly two readers I have
God Bless.