Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First time I shot a 1911 I was 11 years old, Dad stopped on the side of the road and we got out and set up a can.

He lined me up, stood behind me and talked me through the process. I lined up the target, leaned into the shot and squinted through the eye protection. I was gonna be macho and make dad proud. Well, I squeezed that triggar and THOR the God of Thunger erupted in my hands I saw the impact as the bullet hit the ground about 2 feet behind the target then heard a thud and groan behind me. The kick hit me so hard that poor dad standing behind he got to see an up close and personal look at a smoking barrel as my hands, gun and all ended up behind my head and he dropped like a rock to avoid what must have looked like the Scepter of Death coming for him. Needless to say, he was ok no ND. But it taught me to respect, and 5 years later he let me shoot it again.


  1. I was 6, and it was my dad's Colt Vest Pocket .25.
    No eyes/ears, held it out, sideways, one-handed. POP.
    The arm went from horizontal to vertical, instantaneously. No ND.

  2. Yep first thing I taught my girls was control, they started the shooting sports at 9 and I closely monitored while they shot. The oldest is now a hunter in Montana between classes. The youngest works 2 jobs but she still shoots when we find the time.