Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whew! Long Day.

Went to wally world with a friend to buy an air mattress for the new room mate. found one quick which was my whole plan, get in get out and make sure I was not seen shopping at wally world LOL. Found it, left there and then went to eat lunch at Po'Folks, good old country fried foods my heart loves me.
Went home and started on the kitchen cleaning, now if you know me then you know how much i hate dishes but I did start them I can say that at least, the majority were done but I stopped when I had the drainer full, A stopping point so to speak. Tomorrow i will follow up and finish,
Went to the Country Club for a couple beers the roomy joined me, place was dead always is on tuesday, but we joked and had fun a few cold ones then headed home.
Now the fun starts, the Air Mattress is for the roomy so he is now trying to figure it out and I am listening to some rather awesome colorfull words. HA HA HA,,

Saturday I am going to a Purple Heart Ceremony for a WW11 Korean and Vietnam vet, yep he did it all and is a good friend of mine, Take care all I hope to post picts of the ceremony.


  1. Good to hear you're rejuvenated! gfa

  2. Thanks, now that I spend more time at home I am looking at, well a hobby more now then ever and not like I have anything to say, but I do have a voice and I thought I would share it, i do not mind that at the moment I have few followers,, this has nothing to do with that, my neice and my adopted neice tend to read, and for that I am lucky mean as they are. But I have to admit, I do find myself having more fun this time than last wit this, God Bless