Monday, April 4, 2011

Ham Steak

Yea yea, Ham steak is one hell of a title, but it was the topic of conversation. Seems we are gonna traipes out in our cook for the masses, we serve rib dinners and smoked sausage samdwitches. Now ham steaks smoked and served with sides, I protested,, yea I did ,, so bite me, but the reason i did was because they  wanted to smoke them independant of the kitchen, my protest? well it was because we did not have space to smoke more than 30 at a time,, can ya hear me whine? Anyway I lost the protest and we are going to smoke and serve this of course means the smoker will be manned for at least 4 hours, Again no protest from me, I consider the smell of smoke to be the best cologne in the world I just did not want to place, turn yada yada for 4 hours.
Ok I admit even that is not a problem so why did I protest,, I think in my old age I am becoming a contrarian. That is my defence,, all I got on that, I am looking forward to dinner, Yall join us if ya can so you can here me whine/
Take care all

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