Friday, September 11, 2009

Well Said

No, I’m not dead, and this isn’t another “Blah blah Facebook addict blah blah my life sucks so does my blog” post.

Actually been busy as hell the last week. Working more hours (which is good and bad at the same time if you get my drift), and reading a lot (The library had a copy of David Drake’s complete Hammer’s Slammers).

I’ll be honest folks, I’m pretty much burned out on bitching about politics anymore. It’s not that I’m apathetic and given up: far from it. It’s just the current crop of elected assholes and the willfully retarded masses who refuse to open their eyes as to what’s happening right now can’t get me fired up, because the constant burn I’ve been at has eaten away the fuel.

I’m pretty much done with arguing with the stupid. It’s just getting too hard to not introduce the “Yay! Socialism!!” type’s front teeth to their tonsils. It’s the same reason I DON’T go to tea parties or town halls.

One union goon in my face and I. Will. Lose. It.

I’m past trying to debate with fucktards who list off a litany of things the government has done badly (which is pretty much everything) and then actually think they are being clever or something by using those examples as reasons we should give the government MORE power over our lives.

The next irony immune asshole who uses a shitty experience with Medicare or the VA as a reason that Hope & Change, Inc. should drag us ALL into the bureaucratic tar pit they are trying to pitch us into is the one that may push me over the edge. This would be bad for everyone involved (briefly and highly satisfying for me, but bad in the prison term and giving the opposition a fresh magazine to fire back kind of way).

So you won’t see me bitch too much about the health care abomination. Others are doing it better and more often.

I’m moving along to the census….