Sunday, April 3, 2011

Started Early, Nap Time Now

Got a good start to the day, then time got away from me, the room mate came over and officialy moved in and left. I think this will work out he is mostly gone during the day and evenings so I do need to make another key for him.
Got the chili pretty much done, now it just needs to sit and ferment a bit so the flavors marry. I tried it, it is spicy so I figure I will serve it over rice and grate some cheese on it to coll it off a bit, the first taste was a wake up let me tell you. I like hot foods very much so, but three bites in I was digging in the fridge for my emergency bottle of Yoohoo chocolate drink,, yea yea I know but I like it and it will put out the fire plus chili and chocolate seems to go well together.
Sorry no I do not have this chili thing written down I cook by smell and taste so each time it is different so don't ask just use a basic receipe and then play with it till you like the results same with sketty sauce (which by the way i also make spicy to the point of tears).
I think I will take a nap the foot is barking I have been on it for a while I am not supposed to be on it at all but we all know chili has the higher priority.
Take care

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