Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not liking this room mate thing.

Nice enough person needed a place to stay but in one week it has cost me more than the agreed "Rent" he would pay so tonight when he stumbles in I will give him the news. I am much happier living alone but I offered a helping hand to a brother in need. Now I am the one in need i want my Sanctum Sanctorium back.
I could wait till the morning when he is sober, but where is the fun in that, and yes that is a major reason he has to go I did not know he liked to obliterate himself every night. This will not do, this is a respectable Hood I live in and drunken yelling MF at night late in the yard becuase you fell off your bike does not go a long ways with the next door.
I have a feeling once he is gone, I will give him a week no longer, I will have to apologize to the next doors for this. Help a brother out yeA I do that, is why I volunteer and hold offices at AMVETS. But not gonna volunteer my HOME again.
That is all.

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