Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weird Day Or Normal i suppose

went to the beach today, took my lunch and a book. 18 tables no one at them, so I sat on the end of the far bench, food, drink, book music,, all checked, Nice warm day lots of people on the beach, when suddenly the LOUD FAMILY decided to take the table next to me,, NEXT to me,, GreaT, I am reading listening to music and have a scrfeamer family that picked next to me.
I put on my Old Man Piossed off face, put the book down and glared. Np Wprky, obliviouse, so I went all Thjeatrical and Sighed abd put the book down, again Obliviouse, SOOoooo I did the next best thing and pulled out my phone and textged a friend,, funny thing was I laughed out loud and the LOUD Fam left at the same time as a friend found me,, Loved it but only got one cha[ter in the book, I like this book  Tomorrow will beach again with the book and will try not to be nice,

Take cafre all


  1. It's the WalMart Weirdo Law.
    Visit WalMart in an off hour (6 AM?), go down an aisle to look for something. And some weirdo you don't know will come and stand next to you!
    It's the law!

  2. I think you are correct, seems every time there is lots of space the next person to enter zero's in on you.