Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Took A Trip to the VA today

I was not expecting much, I am at 90% and have been for years so this was just a jaunt to see and be seen. The Rep however after veiwing my for want of a better word, "Rap Sheet" said that there was no reason i should not have 100%, Now with that said, I do not whine and complain, I by the grace of God can still amble about on most days so life is good, but it surprised me how adamant she was that I was F'ed up. Kinda scary in a way, I kinda like to think I am doing good but to have A VA rep get all loving and tender sorta warped me a bit,, that being tha case I leaned into it and she said phone call tomorrow to fill out paper work. This is of course a long term not short term thing the wheels of government do turn slowly but we shall see.
Anyway, I had a good time today, talked the XO into a luncheon, and well i kinda forgot to tell him he is paying, and since this is gonna be a meeting of the minds to determine what we can do for the boys and girls in the sand box, I think he will happily pick up the check,, him or I.
I have three boxes of PS3 games books and movies to send, and who knows how much other crap. (Crap equalls candy beef jerky yadda yadda).
Have a Great Weekend and remember, "The Best of America is NOT in America, they are Fighting for America"

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