Sunday, March 28, 2010

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saber rattling

Will you continue to acquiesce to the corruption of a criminal mafia hiding behind the robes of goodness and mercy? Wolves in sheep's clothing who steal your freeborn birthrights; abscond with your Liberties: not like a thief in the dark of night, but as quislings and scoundrels looting in broad daylight daring any of us to declare their treacherous perfidy null and void; challenging us to repeal our impoverishment. We are taunted with distortions and crooked deals, our freedoms have been mocked.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Found at LAW DOG, and I thought it needed to be spread around.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fine. You want to play rough?

"The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate. "

--Article Five of the Constitution of the United States.

"On the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States"

If thirty-eight States have a case of the hips regarding ObamaCare, and given that Congress is apparently in a mood to ram stuff down the throat of the electorate, it occurs to Your Humble Correspondent that it just might be time to return the favour.

Someone check my math, but isn't thirty-eight just a bit more than the three-quarters of fifty States required to ram the next Amendment to the Constitution of the United States far enough up the Federal Government that they'd choke on the hair at the back of their throats?

So, how does:

"No person shall be mandated by law to purchase any goods or service, at any time"

sound for the 28th Amendment?

Or shall we go for the poetic justice route, and hoist them on their own petards by way of:

"Only excepting such limited protection as offered by Article One, Section Six, Congress is hereby prohibited from exempting its Members from each, any, and all effects, duties or obligations rendered upon any citizen, or citizens, by any Law, Tax, or other action passed by Congress."

What do you think, Gentle Readers? Is it time to remind Congress who they work for by beating them firmly about the head and shoulders with a Constitutional amendment?



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not everyone is a DEEMocrat

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL-01) issued the following statement following the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

“After over a year of trying to ram through a trillion dollar government takeover of our health care system, Nancy Pelosi and the majority party waited until the middle of the night to take one of the most important votes in history. This bill was written behind closed doors using backroom deals to buy enough votes to pass, and puts the future of our great country at great risk. It does nothing to protect the sanctity of human life, will not lower health care costs for the American family, cuts Medicare by $500 billion, and raises taxes on middle-class Americans. I strongly denounce the passage of this bill and will work for its swift repeal.”

Personaly, tar and feathering is not cruel enough for the idiotic stupidity that allowed this injustice

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things that make ya go..... HUH?

Let me get this straight......we're trying to pass a health care

plan written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't

understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but

exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president that

also hasn't read it and who smokes, with funding administered by

a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, all to be overseen by

a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country

that's broke.

What the hell could possibly go wrong????

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

46% of Doctors Would Consider Leaving Medicine if ObamaCare passes

46.3% of primary care physicians (family medicine and internal medicine) feel that the passing of health reform will either force them out of medicine or make them want to leave medicine.

36% of physicians would not recommend medicine as a career, regardless of health reform. 27% would recommend medicine as a career but not if health reform passes.

62.7% of physicians feel that health reform is needed but should be implemented in a more targeted, gradual way, as opposed to the sweeping overhaul that is in legislation.

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The Gipper

I am a firm believer that if I have to take a drug test to make money, those on the dole recieving my monies should take a drug test as well. or as the Gipper said:

"Welfare is another of our major problems. We are a humane and generous people and we accept without reservation our obligation to help the aged, disabled, and those unfortunates who, through no fault of their own, must depend on their fellow man. But we are not going to perpetuate poverty by substituting a permanent dole for a paycheck. There is no humanity or charity in destroying self-reliance, dignity, and self-respect ... the very substance of moral fiber." --Ronald Reagan


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let Stupid Laws Die

TALLAHASSEE Florida law requires sheriffs to live within two miles of the county seat — close enough to get there quickly by horse.
The rule is long since obsolete, but like scores of other old laws sometimes dating back a century or more, it remains on the books.
Not for much longer.

Florida's legislators are taking an eraser to state law, scrubbing out rules that stick out worse than a Walkman in an iPod world.,0,2574543,full.story

A good read, and who rides a horse to work anymore. I hope other states will do this and get rid of those blue laws still on the books, if your not gonna enforce them, why have them.

Found on Say Uncle

DoD Assessing Disability Ratings

A recent review by a Department of Defense Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) resulted in 61 percent of applicants having their status changed from a medical separation to retirement on the permanent disability list. This review is open to eligible veterans of the DoD, Guard and Reserve and Coast Guard. Eligible veterans can request a PDBR by submitting a Department of Defense Form 294, which is available at Veterans requesting a PDBR must mail their completed and signed DD Form 294 to SAF/MRBR, 550 C St. W., Suite 41, Randolph Air Force Base, TX 78150-4743. Applicants may submit statements, briefs, medical records or affidavits supporting their application

AMVETS Post 135

Found an AMVETS here in GA,, fairly close by. No phone number on the door or opening closing times. Not a problem I thought, so I looked on the National registry,, Hmm not listed,, that is not realy a surprise, if they are new, they might not be registered. So next best thing,, 411 to get a number,, There is no number,, interesting,, they must be realy new. So... I drive by again and go to the mexican resteraunt to ask if they know when they open.. well well well.. seems they are only open on weekends. Now that kinda burst my bubble, I am only here for 2 weeks and I leave this weekend. well darn, guess I can't go make my presents known. Ohh well, if they last, maybe i can come back and visit.

Seems a shame though that they are only open on the weekends. Hopefuly they will become big enough to be open all week.

yall have fun

SSI Excludes Combat-Related Pay

The Social Security Administration (SSI) is no longer considering combat-related military pay in determining whether spouses and children of servicemembers are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Social Security Administration also will not consider retroactive payments of certain military pay as resources for nine months following receipt. This change in the rules protects spouses and children of servicemembers serving in a combat zone from a reduction in or loss of benefits due to combat-related military pay. For more information, visit the Social Security Administration website at

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Go Read!

A once and true posting that needs a complete read, here is just a taste. read the rest@

I am not a political shill or activist; I am a soldier, a philosopher, a businessman and a laissez-faire capitalist. Recently however, I have become aware of an extremely disturbing development - a thing so vile, so evil, so insidious that the Obama Administration has embraced and unleashed upon our children.

from Storm Bringer

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flood waters

They say when it rains it pours, well this evidently is more true than I expected. My great aunt passed yesterday. A bit more sudden than we thought but not unexpected. The viewing is today, the funeral is tomorrow. Posting may be a little light for a day or so as we sort this out. Yall take care, and I will post later.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Birthday whippings to AMBER who has just turned a quarter Century today!! Enjoy the Snow dawlin. I love you



rained all day yesterday and is still raining today. The news said flood watches and warnings. Now normally in Florida this would not concern me, I live on a veritable mountain in Florida. my house is about 44 feet above sea level. By Florida standards a Mountain, so flooding other than some of the lower streets and then only for a bit while it rains is all i ever see. Here in Georgia, that is a totally different story.

I had forgotten all the little hills and valleys that make up northern Ga an how fast a road is gone with just a light down pour. This is not a light down pour and it is supposed to keep raining for the next 4 days. Already some of the roads are washed out and the drive-way to the house here has seen better days after the wash out.

Twisty up and down turning hills with no or limited sight distance,, definitely not flat Florida. deep ditches or huge drop offs, Lovely, and if anyone has actually driven here on these you know the locals take them at high speed like a rally race.

Last night heading home, I did not scream like a girl when I topped a hill to see head lights on my side of the road heading toward me spraying a rooster tail of muddy water, that was my brakes. and that is my story.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As i said in the Post below, I am trying to drum up business for my brothers Rhino Linings company, what I failed to mention is that,, the Linings is only part of the business, every thing made under the sun for a vehicle can be found there. If you want it, he can get it,, and pretty much beat the living crap out of other prices from other people.

There, nuff said,, I advertised.

Rhino Linings Of Cartersville Georgia

tell them Brian sent ya

and NO i do not get one thin dime from this, nor do I want any, this is his thing not mine, but thanks for listening.


Travel update

I am in Georgia helping my brother in his business for the next couple weeks. Rhino Linings Of Cartersville Ga. A good business, he just needed an office bi*ch, and since that is what I do for the Commander of AMVETS Post 78 in FL, he decided it would be a good idea for me to come up and help him. I of course refused, so he drove the 6 hr trip to my house and effectively kidnapped me. So for the next couple weeks i will be working for him at the same rate of pay i get for working for AMVETS,, a big fat ZERO!,, Ha Ha gotta love it, but I Will do what ever I can to make this a viable business for him. look him up if your in Ga, he has about anything and everything for your vehicles and he is a certified Rhino Linings sprayer. Tell him Brian sent ya and he might give ya a free cup of coffee.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Awesome Article

Found this over at micheal Banes Blog. Here is just the first paragraph. Go there to read the rest.

The people of an orderly nation surrender the business of vengeance to the government, replacing it with the rule of law. They cannot be expected to surrender the right of defense. The right to protect yourself, and your family, from injury and death is an essential part of your dignity as a free man or woman. Without the First Amendment, you are a slave. Without the Second, you are a child.


Congressman Replies

I wrote to my congressman Jeff Miller concerning the Health Care fiasco that congress and the pResident are shoving on us and his views on the matter, Below you will find a well thought out answer that makes me proud Jeff Miller represents me.

Dear Mr. Saul,

Thank you for contacting my office regarding your perspectives the proposed health care reform legislation. I appreciate knowing your views about issues affecting Northwest Florida and our nation.

As you are likely aware, the House voted to pass the Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962, on November 7, 2009. The Senate passed a completely different version of the health care bill - the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - on December 24, 2009. President Obama has now come out with his own version of legislation incorporating proposals from both bills. And although the President held a health care summit to hear from Republicans, ultimately, the vast majority of our proposals were rejected. The majority party now stands poised to push through health care legislation using the budget reconciliation process, requiring only 50 votes in the Senate and subverting the legislative process completely.

I remain opposed to both the House and Senate health care bills for a multitude of reasons, and I am strongly against using reconciliation to force them through. The President's plan still includes a massive government-run health insurance option based on insurance exchanges. The federal government would require minimum benefits that will apply to all insurance plans, driving up the price of insurance for everyone. The bill mandates that everyone must have health insurance and that all employers must provide a government-qualifying plan. Steep tax penalties are placed on any individual or business that does not comply with this mandate. Third, the President's plan would cost $950 billion and the CBO predicts that the legislation will actually raise the cost of your health insurance premiums. To pay for this massive legislation, the bill employs a variety of new taxes varying from a tax on small businesses to the so-called "Cadillac tax" on high-cost insurance plans. Raising taxes and monthly premiums is not the way to reform the health care system.

Meriting special mention in the health care bill is the issue of abortion coverage. In order to win enough Democrats' support for the underlying health care bill, the majority party allowed a vote on the so-called "Stupak Amendment" that prohibits any federal funding from being used to fund abortion services. I voted for this pro-life amendment, and it passed overwhelmingly. This amendment was not included in the Senate version, and it is not included in the President's version. Although I do not support the Democrat bills or government-run health care, I will continue to fight vigorously to ensure that any health care legislation specifically bans federal funds from being used in abortions.

Finally, not only are the Senate, House, and President's versions of the bill bad for Americans, but the process by which this legislation has taken shape is beyond deplorable. On the House side, the legislation was put together behind closed doors by the majority party with little Republican input. Most of the amendments offered by Republican colleagues were voted down in committee, and few of the surviving amendments actually made it into the final House version. Along with many of my Republican colleagues, I am a co-sponsor of H.Res. 615 which would require any member of Congress that votes for government-run health care to be automatically enrolled in that public option.

On the Senate side, sweetheart deals were given to any Senator on the fence including Medicare money for Senators Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu to buy their vote. After majority leaders secured 60 votes to pass a bill in the Senate, they immediately closed ranks to work on legislation that could pass in both chambers. And now, despite promises to work in a bipartisan fashion, the President and majority party leaders are intent on forcing through this legislation using the reconciliation process. This process is meant to pass budget bills only, not to create a trillion dollar government takeover of health care.

The people of Northwest Florida and across the country continue to agree that government-run health care is not the answer. The way this legislation was put together is outrageous, and the implications for our country are dangerous. I will continue to fight against this type of health care reform. We can achieve real health care reform without the government-run health care, higher taxes, or Medicare cuts seen in the Democratic legislation.

Again, thank you for contacting me about this important issue. If you would like to receive further information on issues of importance to you, please log on to my website at As always, please feel free to contact my office if you have any further concerns.


Jeff Miller
Member of Congress