Monday, April 4, 2011

Long Time No See

Made it out today, ohh not far, I am not yet ready for a far thing, but I did make it out and had fun, went to the country club and had a few laughes and beers with some friends, my foot now has reason to hate me but I have reason to ignore it, who wins well we shall see I put money on the foot but with a storm coming I figure the knee will win.

I talked to a young lady today (well young to me) and she said she has always thought I was interesting, Hmm I always thought Ant hills were interesting  so we shall see what she means by that.
Amber called me,, well terxted me,, ;2tonight, she heard I had a roomy, she was conserned she knows me well enough to know a roomy makes my skin crawl, but as i told her reality sometimes muyst be admitted and so now i have a roomy.
I got a hug tonight ,, weird I did not realize how much those mean so,, I gave it back and sighed, Gosh some days a hug is all ya need to smile and enjoy the day.
Take care all

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