Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nice Storm

The storm came though late last night with lots of light and noise then the bottom dropped and it rained hard for about 3 min then slowly went away with just the occassional shower. Today, I no longer have grass in the yard, all the reluctant Oak leaves that were still hanging now uniformly cover the front yard and drive way. The sun is out not a cloud in the sky and it is in the 70's right now.
I figure give it a day to dry out and I will rake up the leaves and pile them by the road a pile that will be HUGE i have done this before ya know. The local ordinance says bag if ya want but it is not required so I just rake them to the curb.
The back yard is a different story, Magnolia leaves do not rake and long leaf pine needles will clog up a rake, so I think i will just mulch them.
The time to plant the garden is now.
Take care.

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